silhouette of pair of lovers near the window in airport
Nandita :Now don’t start again as to what I have to do, I am a mother of a two year old and I know what my responsibilities are. I know whom should I visit and don’t give me an itinerary. This marriage is driving me insane. Now please leave me to board in peace.
Guru:‘Ok, fine am sorry darling’. Let us not shout before Maya and induce a wrong notion about her parents. I will try to engage her so that after you get settle in flight she dozes off and you can be at peace.
‘I am going to miss you and mum for two months sweetie’. Be a good girl don’t disturb mum or she will thrash you since I am not there too to save you”. Common tell me,” Love you daddy “. Look at her darling, just like you ‘I have to bribe her’ to tell me that. Here you go, a candy, now tell me.
Maya:‘Loww you
Guru: ‘ Aww that is sweet, I too love you, Maya. Ok hold her, No I will put her in the stroller, I will check in the luggage and get your boarding passes.

He rushed in to the crowd and I could not see him. Guru was lost in the crowd.It was the usual scenario in airport. People shopping around the stores, waiting to board, reading books, sipping coffees, the hugs, the cuddles and painful goodbyes. Airports are always beautiful you can observe and get in to different people’s world altogether. A mixed state of emotions and it is always a visual treat to watch but today it is an exception. I am no different from the crowd.

Today right after the day one from marriage, this is the first time I am leaving him behind. Marriage drives you crazy but you can’t live without each other after living under the same roof was my perception. If you were in a relationship that’s a different story, but marriage is definitely a contrast.

Guru: Darling, here it is. Put it in your handbag the passes. “Shall I take Maya to the rest room.
Nandita: Don’t worry about that, she is fine”. I want to spend some time with you.
Guru:‘Someone is already missing me’, that’s sweet. Don’t worry after you come back let’s ‘make love lustfully’ darling. Nandita: Now what is that ‘lustfully’?
Guru:Remember your stupid philosophy and crazy framing of words. When our first kid was a girl you told me, we didn’t make love lustfully, it was more of love that’s why we have a girl. Now I want a boy so let’s make it with pure lust 100%. ‘No girls’, okay. Although, I should not deny, after Maya I love and enjoy being a father of a daughter. It’s a different feeling. ‘Maya Guru’ always makes me dignified.
Nandita: Just look at the proud father. I always wanted a girl since it was a love marriage, everyone asked which clan you will get married your daughter. If it’s a boy at least you need not worry. I wanted to tell them I will leave her to her choice and that’s why. Anyways, I think we are going to end up with a girl again Guru, because you love me too much and lustfully is unknown to you. Is that okay with you?
Guru: “No worries, we will try until we end up with a boy” .And I think now its 5:30 better check-in .Maya, is already dozing off.
Nandita: Yeah okay,’ I love you and miss you ’. Don’t start partying and fooling around until I am back.
Guru: I miss you too, I think it will be much more in the nights. Take care darling.

He kissed me and Maya on our foreheads. Being an Indian, obviously wherever you are, you don’t dare to make a lip-lock.I moved in the terminal and was waving at him with the stroller alongside. We were distant from each other that hardly all I could see is his figure in a blue checked shirt and brown jeans waving hands. I know he misses us from his yearning final touches and obviously I can read it from his eyes.

Now I could see him nowhere. Reality struck me that I have to be responsible with a two year old with me. I moved in the queue ready to board. It was my turn to show the passports. The hot sexy girl took my passes and looked at the picture on my passport and was staring at me for a moment. She flipped the first page of my passport telling Mrs Nandita Guru, you look different and faked a smile

At the least all I can do is, just smile back at her. In my heads I was thinking you stupid lady ‘’I can’t obviously wear an traditional anarkali salwar suit in England with kumkum’ just like the picture and you guys will look at me as if I have landed from another planet and stare at me as a dead meat. And that’s why this change over.

I led in further. Maya was already cranky since I took her in my hands in the mid of her sleep. She started crying for sleep. The cabin crew started with their instructions and when I entered he showed me go straight, left is D14 and 15. I told him a ‘Thank you’ and found my seats. Made Maya sit there and sorted my hand luggage out. Finally I was all settled. It was a window seat and obviously that ensured I will have a good travel. Another guy came in and settled in D16. Obviously he looked nice. Nice, not in the flirting forms that too being a mother. He was an Asian by origin and that was pleasing.I tucked Maya and my selves in the seat belts. Patted her and the pre-flight briefing was on process. And here we are all set to India.

It’s been like a year like I have visited and always India vacations are all what NRI’s badly look forward too. The fun, weddings, get-togethers, meeting old friends and obviously the food can never be replaced. Sometimes you never know the value of the place until it’s missed. A life totally free from responsibilities, a much-needed break. You don’t need to get up early, pack lunch for Guru and keep looking at Maya cautiously. You have your mom and dad to take care of you and Maya. And you obviously can become a kid. I felt too much Indian and since I was just eight hours ahead I was longing to breathe Indian air. Sounds too much right, that’s the typical me.

The flight was taking off. I put ear plugs for Maya and she was fine. We were on skies now. I put the ipad now and she was busily engaged on her rhymes stuff. Everything was exciting except the fact I miss Guru. That feel of security is what I have already started missing.

The nice-to guy started engaging Maya and was playing with her hair . I looked at him and smiled. He introduced himself as ‘Mr Abhay Verma’ and I replied him back ‘ Mrs Nandita Guru’. And asked Maya, to tell him her name. She as always mocked at me and told ‘No’ and turned back. He smiled and told that’s okay and he was a student. After the formal pleasantries everyone got engaged in their own worlds. Abhay, in some English flick, Maya on five little monkeys rhyme and after I addressed Mrs Nandita Guru. Guru that name haunted me back to ages.

Travelling always gives more space to think. That too when your alone. And here the love story unravels. As always the rotten flash back of an usual story plot on the same plane travel.


8 thoughts on “1. AIRPORT PARTINGS

  1. Nice start to the story..could be better if the quotation marks were in the right places so that we can know who’s saying what..

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