forget-your-first-loveGuru, this guy who held drafters, assignments and project books for me now is carrying the grocery bags, carrying Maya and what not. He has been a responsible father, a loving husband, love-stuck boyfriend and of all a best friend in all phases of life. But my favourite was always the love-struck boyfriend without responsibilities. Knowing him from fifteen I know the total Guru.
Marriage is always the best thing to happen in everyone’s life. But love marriages are always special. It was a fairy tale coming to reality. Though I don’t have any idea of arranged marriages nor could I go for one again.
Whenever you pick a fight or you both feel you are married to the worst people ever. You certainly think how you can speak about this to your family because we always don’t want to deny that our early decisions were wrong. And there will always be love hidden whatever it is. He feels, you have left so much and living miles away from your family just for him and she feels why should he marry in such younger age and take up responsibilities just for her. That’s the one beautiful patch-up session.
The love you have been having through ages reflects in every part of your life and that makes the come- back easy. The magnetic force always pulls you. That too abroad living is totally different you can’t run to your mom’s place if you fought with him immediately. You both have to look in to each other whatever or however it is, finally at one point you have to get-along. By the time you get agitated and start looking for tickets, the fight fades off and love is back on track. There are also some minor advantages you can’t deny being here when compared to the happening life back in India.
Now, the glimpses of blue checked shirt and brown jeans are still making me a hopeless romantic. The eye-candy near the window seat is inducing me more too. I could still remember the teen-us.
It was the middle of Vector Algebra and Analytical Geometry we saw each other. Still obviously I could not remember the first day we bumped in to each other. No back-ground music, no love waves was all striking just like the movies we were totally strangers to each other.
He was one usual guy, the ruggy type. Whenever I saw him I felt he looked like a rogue and tell my friends he is a road-side Romeo but I never realised this road side Romeo will be my house hero one day. That happens.
We both didn’t notice each other. Until one fine breezy evening after Differential Calculus classes in the parking lot, he called me, ‘Nandini’
I mocked at him and gave one dying look and told him, I am’ Nandita’, not ‘Nandini’. That was the first conversation supposedly. And the streamline of our next conversations
GURU: Ok whatever. ‘Why the hell are you telling everyone we both are going out in a serious mode’.
NANDITA: I was like ‘Hardly this is the first time I am talking to you, what the hell’ and gave a stern look.
GURU: ‘Give me your phone number, everyone are staring at us’, I will talk over.
NANDITA: “Who on earth are you, why should I give you “
GURU: Okay fine. Bye
NANDITA: (That was quite decent) Hmm, fine give me yours. I will give you a call if I feel so
GURU: 2444336. Call me, after eight. If possible, Bye
That was the time when cell phones were emerging. It was not common for the school goers like us.
What drink can I give you? The BA air-hostess in white and blue addressed me and I was back from the love slumber. Yeah, ‘Sprite please’. Is it with ice?. I told Yup, the chilled one. Meanwhile I fed Maya, with the tinned food and made her sleep.


9 thoughts on “2. GLIMPSES OF THE PAST

  1. Thanks for such a detailed one. I tell yu its not our love story . And obviously Guru and Nandita are too old. Dont compare them with us. Just flicked frm a lot of frds luv story too. Being here obviously yu can picturize the lyf of a couple here oly and tats y d reflection

    • Aww thats a good one, a post a day keeps yu re boredom away :p
      Haha maths class 🙂 but happens the most unexpected relationships begin so damn weirdly..
      How can Guru and Nandita alone be an exception:p

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