3. THE CALL :)

beetel-x64-400x400-imad8h584ph2g875-750x750I was almost starving and the ‘so-called food’ was served. As always, only the sandwiches save you nothing else. I already had the mind-set and so it didn’t affect any of my expectations. I was now thinking about the yummy food back home. The lovely home-made ladoos, murukus and the “Krishna sweets” mysurpas . I was craving totally and I was feeling like ‘Oh death you can adorn me at peace, if I have gulped one piece of mysurpas.’ It was like a ‘feel to eternity’ and nothing can be replaced.
When I have booked the tickets itself I was making a list of restaurants I have to haunt and started to review the newly-opened ones. The spicy lamb biriyani from venu, (if you are a southie you would have never missed that) have started to haunt me right from the day one, I have swiped my card of booking the air-ticket. I can tell, you can never compromise an Indian in food. We live and die for that and I am especially for the’ biriyani’, no the ‘sweets’, no the’ chats’, no the ‘murukus’, no the ‘pakodas’, no the ‘filter coffee’, no the’ ____’ and the list goes on. Ok, I agree it’s totally ‘Food’ the ‘Indian food’ for me. The flavours are so intoxicating.
Ok I have to tell you at this time, I am a big foodie but I am the typo where the obese people complain, ‘you eat like a pig, but you never gain weight’. Fortunately I belong to that category. For me anytime is like ‘Chicken’ and always ‘Chicken’. Obviously I am confused which food should I rank first, but I can proudly declare ‘Chicken’ is the first and then the big list follows.
Now back to the yuky sandwich and the butter I was having with the set of jams served sipping sprite at regular intervals. And ‘Sprite’, I never liked it though in the initial phases and that was Guru’s favourite drink .Now I pick ‘Sprite’ even though I have lot of options amidst my favourite ‘pepsi’. The reason is, I don’t want to fake telling ‘I loved it’, just because he does, so dramatically. It was the thing that I was been force-fed sprite daily because he was the one who buys the list of groceries and sprite is always the one topping in that list. In a period of time you start getting used to the taste. And that’s the wierd story of me becoming a ‘sprite-lover’, a ‘force-fed’ one though.
And yeah the ‘sprite’, whenever you come across his favourites you die a little inside. I think now it was a little more because I was already missing him. I don’t have him sitting next to me to give a sarcastic smile and pass stupid comments on me having sprite. And now back to our old picture and the drifting storyline. The differential calculus classes and 2444336.
Life was just perfect as an eleventh grader. The age you fall in love with the celebrities, watch all of his movies, and have crushes and all your conversations starts and ends with guys. The blissful adolescent age. It is one of the beautiful chapters in life where you have countless memories. The age you feel, you can rule the world. Everything is new to you.
First crush, first date, first love and first kiss are the ones you always fancy about. You obviously don’t dare to move to the next stages that too being in early sixteens. Friends are the ones who make your world happening. The birthday bashes, hangouts, group-studies or the group gossips rating each guy you have come across, fighting for favourite celebs and everything happens.
And here I have this guy, not definitely my type for a conversation. I didn’t have time to raise my collars up to my friends because he was the one in my math tution classes and have already fixed the time .Definitely I can’t hit the school at this odd time nor I have my friends around . I just had one hour left. I obviously didn’t like his looks at the first instant but I felt he was ‘Okay’, obviously decent enough to pick a conversation. Anyways or never in my life, I was not going to fall for him. And that too ‘Have you told anyone, we are going out in a serious mode’, kindled lot of curiosity in me.
He was not one among the guys who definitely flirted. Sketching our looks. I was not the prettiest nor was he the super-smart fellow. I am definitely not the fairer side, he was kind of dusky. I don’t have the too-much girly looks nor do I try to take efforts to dress like that say the matchy matchy ones and follow the fashion trends nor he is the cutest chap with breath-taking hairstyles, he was a macho guy . We both had one thing in similar contrast we were the skinny people and average lookers. Yet we had our own fan-following individually though, people who loved and flattered for the looks. I should say now, “Pity them, go and get your eyes checked!!”.
But that age you obviously love the attention around you. Someone trying to flatter you, writing letters, offers Dairy Milk on daily basis and the compliments about your look”. I think that makes you complete those days. It’s a sin if you don’t drag an attention of a guy. Amidst my fan-following, that’s what I ‘show-off’ in my adolescent times a new entrant “Guru”.
And straight after the tuition classes, I called all of my school and tuition friends and was asking whether” I should call him or will I sound like I am flirting”. Biggest confusion you see, back in those days. I had mixed opinion polls and finally my heart yearned for the call. It was 8, and I thought I will call him around 8 15 sounding not to be desperate but my heart convinced my mind by 8 05 itself and here I was on the beetel phone’s number pad pressed 2..4..4…3.. .3. Before I could press 6,’ I was dead’. And finally the deed was done, a life-time sin through the number 6. The ring went like three times and I could hear the ‘Hello’.
I told ‘Hello, Nandita’ here, sounding to be normal. And after the formal enquiries he told, “Sorry about it , I came to know some guy from the center was only gossiping and I heard it was you earlier. And the apology seemed nice and I was ‘Okay’ for it. And had a crisp conversation about schools, the upcoming tests and yeah he blurted his crush’s name while calling me. I was like ‘Was it your girlfriend?’ He told ‘Ya’. Now I was becoming much more eager to listen to his story. And he was now sounding extra-decent. Before me faking’ I am running late’, he told me’ I have to go for dinner’ and said’ bye’. I now certified him the goodie guy. Just thought about his girlfriend and thought” Laxmi, you are lucky”.
Now ‘Guru’ was the pulse the next day in school. Even though my friends don’t know how he looks like I was like,” he is this and that and told them he was the loyal boyfriend”. And everyone was asking, ’what happened to my crush’? I was like, “He holds always a special place and this guy is surely not my bf “. ‘Whatever Ram is the guy for me’, I told my friend Manasa
Now it was the tuition time, I was talking to Shravanthi and I saw Guru. He never showed any signs as to ‘who I was’ on the earth. When I looked at him again and again in repeated intervals he smiled at me and that made me happy. Weeks flew by with this smile.
Now it was like end of third week, Guru came near while everyone was leaving and asked me ‘shall we meet at the next road’. I told ‘Okay’. Started my two-wheeler and wrapped the conversation with Shravs and rushed. He was adjusting his mirror in his bike and told he wants my notes and wants to take a photo-copy. I told, ‘Take it’ and we started speaking about our love-lives. Our crush looks, how we met, have we proposed and now the stranger’s line drifted from ‘friends’ to ‘just-friends’.
Now we both were like friends not hanging out but helping each other both in academics and our love-lives. Giving ideas how to flatter them, arguing how it will feel like from a girl’s and boy’s point of view and now it was like one classy friendship.
I stood with him in the bus stops while he ogles at Laxmi. I was begging to her for him to join in his birthday parties. It became a custom to stand at the bus-stops. And he was picking shirts for Ram and giving all stupid ideas which never worked to make him fall for me. Whether we look at Laxmi or Ram or talk to them daily, we spoke and spoke like too much.
We became addicted to each other. Studied together, roamed out and we were having our best time in our lives. But that was in the friendship mode. We got hit by Ram and Laxmi together. We throw our tantrums on each other and yeah the best part is now ‘Guru and Laxmi’ were getting close. And I was very happy for them.
But I don’t know why, ‘I never liked Laxmi’. I felt she was bit dominating but who cares. I was like,’I am not going to live with her, so what’. Pitied Guru, but he told me ‘she was possessive’. Anyways, I did not bother any shit. It was ‘Ram’ and always ‘Ram’ for me.
Here I tell you the best essence of a love marriage. After you get married, like in the arranged marriages, ’ You need not ask your husband/wife as to whom you fell in love with.’ Instead you know your counter-part’s crush/love-story in detail. You play a role in it. But now we both when fighting we were like’ Better you should have married Ram/ Laxmi ‘, else’ I would have escaped’. Its total fun, we know every one of our friends, their love/ break-up stories and that’s why you don’t seem to be to be a husband/wife in whatever aspect. Neither of you in the relationship is demanding and that’s the magic and you never run short of topics.


9 thoughts on “3. THE CALL :)

  1. Wow…This story z really getting interesting….
    This post has certainly had some twists and turns….
    Eagerly lukin fa subsequent posts Vino….!!!!!!!…:)
    Not a looooooooong break though……
    Continue the gud work buddy….Cheers……….:):):)

  2. Vino..third one..i was xpecting a bit more.i knw ur luv fr food tht too staying away frm home.i believe u ve put in ur food craving too..Krishna sweets..muruku..he heee..
    Twist in story..crushes..nw thinking hw naditha n guru fell fr each other ,:)))

    PS: ve bookmarked ur blog..

    • Haha 🙂 Sometimes the real vino pops in :p The list was too longer the rasamalais and the basundi’s too. I stopped myselves and took the heels of the heroine .. Those reviews keeps me going. Nandris:)

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