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As planned, I was to reach our usual venue at five. I had no interest in even washing my face or to get ready. I looked at the mirror,’ I looked horrible’. My eyes were so sunk. As Guru always states ‘your eyes looks so drunk’, today it was even more. Yes, today it was drunk with ‘guilt’. I did not apply kajal nor even brushed my hair. I was in total mess.

I started my scooty and rushed. Everyone was standing there in different directions. There were no commotions, not even a word slipped from their mouths. I parked my scooty there and walked towards them. I just sat there on the bench.  Mixed blend of emotions on everyone’s face I did not have guts to start the conversation. Finally,

SHRAVS: When did this happen?

GURU: Morning, we had no idea what to do. We faked documents. There was my friend’s relative in registration who helped me through this.

SHRAVS: I still couldn’t believe. ‘Are you fooling us’?

NANDITA: Then just get the hell out of here. We will help ourselves. ‘Thanks’

SHRAVS: ‘Oh sorry’, I didn’t mean that. When was this pregnancy ? I barely never knew you both fell for each other. Sounds totally weird.

NANDITA: Now, ‘do you guys want to know when and where we had sex?’ Or can you help us sort this issue?

MUKUNTH: What ‘pregnant also’. You didn’t even tell me Guru.

(He was shocked and surprised. Marched near Guru and told’ Man, how was it? Congrats’) Typical guy’s thing

SHRAVS( I lost my senses and raised Mukunth collar) ‘Do you think am a third rated girl asking as to how the hell was it that too before me , itself’

(Shravs and Guru bought me down and saved Mukunth)

MUKUNTH: Am sorry, I didn’t mean that really. Let us do something. I tried to make the situation light, it fell in a wrong pace.

SHRAVS: Okay listen guys ‘It’s all happened, you have made it too complicated’. What have you planned regarding the pregnancy?

NANDITA: I am sure, I am pregnant. I have all the symptoms. Have to confirm the doctor by tomorrow. I was waiting for the marriage thing.

SHRAVS: ‘Are you guys insane’? Without even confirming ‘you are pregnant’, ‘why did you go for this marriage scene?’

MUKUNTH: You guys proved, ‘we are still not mature-enough’. You should have discussed with us before heading to marriage

GURU: ‘I got the pregnancy-tester for her. She tried it twice’. Seems she is pregnant for sure. It shows positive.

SHRAVS: Fine we will bunk the college tomorrow, we will accompany you both. After that we will move this issue whether we can talk to family or what next.

MUKUNTH: By the way, where are your marriage registration documents? I will keep it at my place. You guys don’t get caught in home for now.

GURU: It takes a week or so to receive it. I will hand-over it to you.

NANDITA: That’s right Mukunth. You pass over Guru.  Shall we go to the nearby temple and then go home?. I am so disturbed.

(We stopped near the temple and was taking off our shoes)

SHRAVS: Hey Nandita, look at that you have worn different pairs of shoe and slipper

NANDITA: That’s embarrassing; I don’t know what I am doing past this week.

SHRAVS: I understand totally dear.’ Don’t worry things will be fine’. ‘I don’t want you to be pregnant’. That’s my only concern. I want the tester results to be fake.


(When I bent down to remove my shoes, my dupatta was off my shoulders)

Shravs: Hey, I didn’t notice, since you were wearing a collared salwar. ‘The sacred yellow thread, mangalsutra’ also. Now this is for what purpose.

NANDITA:’ Don’t bother’. Guru wanted too. He told ‘Marriage is only once’. Whenever or however it is so let’s do the custom. (If you are a southie, the mangalsutra is the sacred yellow rope which should be knotted thrice)

SHRAVS:That’s too much. Now show me that, she took it out in a flow. And it was now in her hands.

It was not tied with the custom ‘three knots’ .That was it; I could not hold my laughter. Guru was almost on the ground laughing

Shravs and Mukunth started hitting us. The laughter was so contagious and we started shouting too much. The priest came over and gave a shout.

We walked away from the temple. On the way, we were like ‘you guys better treat us; both were so   dumb’. They both were like’ I had a doubt and that and this blah blah and was trying to cover up. Finally they claimed us good actors.

I was shouting at Guru. ‘I told you know, the over-acting will tear our masks’. ‘You wanted this yellow rope’. If this was not, we would have made them bunk and enjoyed tomorrow too. Guru was like ‘I never thought Shravs will take it up, better you should have tied the knots’. The spoiler of our plan was your dad. Yesterday if he could have not tapped the door. You would have never slept soon and missed the flow of yellow rope conversation. Morning we skipped that topic concentrating on rest others.

And we was telling our behind scenes drama. The dull make-up, different pairs of slippers, intentional sliding off my dupatta, how we met in the morning in our new college for submitting the certificates and documents and was making the evening’s plan while standing in the queue not even trying to look at the ambience. How serious we were to make it lively. The way we prepared for the questions you will fire at us and the practices from morning we had before the mirror to look drop-dead.

I was asking Shravs, ‘How can you ever think in your life, I will marry him’. Moreover ‘sleep with him’. Guru was like’ I will marry even a donkey, not her’. We started fighting right there. And yeah, ‘we have this habit of driving others too insane’. Today it was Shravs and Mukunth time. Finally we asked each other to shut up and it was all settled.

I was now jumping to hit the roadside Pani Puri guy. Guru was like before Shravs and Mukunth was telling ‘Your pregnant sweetheart, it’s not hygienic’. We started again to pull each other’s legs and it was a masti wedding bash. We laughed till our stomach’s hurted.

We had sharply only two days for our college to commence. We were desperate to hit the college and see our fellow handsome/pretty guys and girls. That doesn’t mean we are not loyal to ‘Ram’ or ‘Laxmi’ . These will be crushes. For everyone the word ‘crush’ will last till you get married. Previous other love-affairs in school/college/work before marriage will remain as crushes only. They are not ‘true love’ until you meet your ‘husband/wife’. Blessed people will have crushes even after marriage. That’s a different story. And yeah, we were no different from that assumption. We are normals too.

Our beautiful first wedding made us still closer. We assured each other, ‘whomever we marry, we should we bonded forever’. The usual friendship promise. We now realised’ We can’t live without each other’. The next four years was a beautiful ride.

We still after years celebrate our beautiful fake anniversary date. We have still Mukunth and Shravs calling to wish us. We tell them it is absolutely ‘a fool’s day for you’. They tell us ‘we were fools that time but not now; you are the real ones’. Might be that’s true too.
























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