5070499173_4a4899f828_zCollege commenced. Everything was getting in to pace. New friends, new ambience, new subjects and new bus rides to college. It was a colourful world. The much awaited one. At the initial phases it took a lot of time to settle down. Since Guru and I were already close-to, we didn’t find much hassle. We now had four people in our gang. The new entrants were Shiv and Tanvi.

We were like the best four. Within few days we had lot of attention. Not because of our academics. But for all our pranks right from the day one. We hit the canteen the very first day, for the use of cell phones in class, for not bringing books and drafters. We were the perfect fit. From seniors to fellow college mates we were clearly identifiable.

Tanvi was a pretty girl. She had a fairer complexion, deep brown eyes, thick eyebrows, medium height, had dimples whenever she smiled and lusty pale pink lips. And the hilarious one was Tanvi and me were most-wanted girls around. Tanvi, I can agree she is a damsel in beauty but what was in me. An average looker though. I thought it was due to my eyes. The one asset I love about myself and which Guru hates till now. I think by now one can clearly make out how the engineering girls will look like after all when even I had a fan-following.

Talking about Shiv, he was also dusky. A tall guy moderately built guy and he had a stunning dressing sense which made girls to go gaga on him. But I felt there was some attraction going between Tanvi and Shiv. They both didn’t reveal each other was our assumption. Knowing each other for just a month or two it’s difficult to fall for each other so soon. If Guru and I were given a chance to propose to Ram and Laxmi we would have done it the right from the day we bumped in to them. Rest others, understanding stuff would all been in the next phase. Different people have different perceptions before entering in to a relationship. But in this perspective, I and Guru were the perfect sync. Only in this relationship matters we were so damn similar. That’s why we were called love fanatics by Shiv and Tanvi.

Engineering college was not the one which was portrayed in cinemas. It was just like school with colourful dresses. I should tell colourful uniforms. You were supposed to wear salwars with dupatta. They branded it to be modest. It was very disappointing. The workload was too much. Even Saturdays we had colleges. For each class they had attendance. Even if you have banked a day, they intimate home through phone calls and letters. Altogether reality was a shit. After some days we got used to and started having a good time by knowing the loop holes. That’s the life of a student. All the complexities were nowhere now. We loved college however it was.

Assignments, Internals and semesters followed. Since it was the first academic exams we studied too much to prove ourselves. The usual brain drain session was there called ‘placements’. And your scores were directly proportional to placements. All the four of us had better scores. Life was good. Ram was now calling me like twice a week, so for me especially it was better. We had bit long conversations. Ram did not set in to the college well. He barely had friends. But that was a positive sign for me. He started becoming closer he didn’t have an option though. His school friends were all busy with their new college stuff but only I was dying to talk to him. So we talked and talked. We became good friends. Not the best like me and Guru. A decent typo one.

Guru and I were like nearly eight hours together in college then it continued for two hours for hangouts and then it was with the phone chats. Now we were all grown-ups, so we had cell phones. Texting was like breathing for both of us. My phone bills were getting too much but who cared. The conversations and the fun mattered. Guru owned TN 38 AR 5991, a black pulsar in the mid of our second semester and asked me to come over for a spin.

I was bit fussy, the usual thing. I don’t mean the girlie thing. I was like; I will go with Ram only and asked him to take Laxmi. He gave me a ‘go to hell’ look and mocked at me sarcastically. We broke in to laughter the next instant. We know, never in our life it’s going to happen. Even in our wildest dreams. I told him might be by Saturday afternoon or so. We were looking forward for that afternoon which we never expressed though.

Finally it was Saturday; we just had few sessions of engineering mechanics classes and were heading to home. I bought my bike since we had planned for the spin. Eventually we were not in the best clothes or we tried to have a make-over like a date but it was nervous. We didn’t know why. I parked my bike on the outskirts of the city and headed to Guru.

He gave me a casual look and asked me to settle. That was it!!! It was a beautiful ride to an unknown destination for lifetime. Being in a cultured city and an orthodox family gave me shivers while sitting behind a guy. Not my brother or father. An unknown guy, whom I have coined as ’friend’. It was nail-biting but over all excited. The weather was neither sunny nor rainy. It was windy. After sitting on the bike, I never shook my head. I felt bit scary whether people known to us will identify. I wanted to pretend normal and have a look on the road. For few minutes, every men and women I saw looked like either my relatives or friends .I was a bit shaky. Guru told me to relax. He pacified me telling ‘nothing will happen’ and asked me to trust him that we were too away from the city. He assured me a look of confidence.

I tried to cover my head with dupatta. He told me, ‘Don’t act cheap, if you do that people will look even sarcastic after that’. I liked his way of taking things. I sat not too close or too distant from him. Yet I was able to feel him. This was not our first touches but these touches had a lot more meaning. Now we both felt the distinction which we never felt for two years, the boy and girl one. He asked me to shrug his shoulders as I was half falling when he applied brakes not intentionally that too not in this stage. I did, it was a different intimate feel. Now I slowly started enjoying the ride forgetting the after home consequences if we get caught. Finally I felt whatever, let it happen. It’s definitely worth-while.

I should tell you now; Guru was looking the most handsome today. I never blurted it but he did, he told me, I looked ravishing. This was never the ‘usual us’. I tried to make it funny but something stopped me I loved this transformation so I didn’t ruin it. We smiled lots, gazed in to each other’s eyes never made fun of each other but were warmed by each other’s presence. The non-stop talking factor was missing. But it was complete. The road was not that crowdy and the ride was definitely a pleasant one. He drove in to the villages; we had such a lovely evening. The breeze brushed us in intervals and our unspoken glances had lot to be said. We never wanted the ride to end, but it was already late evening and I had to take my bike from the outskirts and drive to home which was more than an hour. So we wrapped up though unwillingly.

Before I reached, there was a text from Guru ‘Have you reached’. Now I just loved the care and smiled. When I entered home, I was back to the real world; I sounded to be extra normal but couldn’t be and was looking deep in my mom and dad’s eyes. Every phone ring which later followed I picked it within a ring or so because literally I was dying whether my neighbours, friends or relatives have seen us together on bike. But no mishaps happened and reminiscence of the ride was echoing in my head. We texted till night and our conversation followed. My brain tells ‘he is a friend’, my heart was battling ‘not love but still it was a much more than friendship’. Finally girls try to follow their brains not like the guys who fall for their heart. I was an exception from the normal girls stuff but some genes in you show the basic characteristics. So I called Guru, following my brain. Sounded to be normal and started to pull him, yelled that ‘he drove too bad’. Called him the ‘worst driver’, ‘Thank God I am saved’ and was torturing him as usual. But this time Guru just listened surprisingly, told he had the best ride ever thanked me and asked we should go for a spin often.

After the ride, it pulled us still more closely. Now we started discussing more about the clothes we wear. We dressed depending on each other favourites, the colours. These guys at the initial phases we find sweet when they flatter regarding our dressing sense but at the later phases they restrict you so much calling it over- protective. And that is the time when you feel like hitting them back. Now obviously we were in the initial phases and I loved the way he compliments me back. The rest is history. We yearned for each other. Now our hearts were half filled for both of us, the rest was reserved for Ram and Laxmi. At times we have the inner part striking hard and reminding us about Ram and Laxmi either through phone calls or when our friends remind them about us. We were clear yet confused.We were confused yet clear. It was a beautiful mode in our relationship.


2 thoughts on “6.GETTING CLOSER

  1. ViNi,
    Appreciated For Chap – 6.Getting Closer, Even We Are Getting Closer To “Looks Like We Made It :)”… Eagerly Expecting The Upcoming Chapters…
    Loved These Crispy Romance –
    ❤ Not Too Close Or Too Distant
    ❤ To Shrug His Shoulders, It Was A Different Intimate Feel – It’s Definitely Worth-While.

    Good Luck…

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