Until I pressed the send button I just felt aroused. Nothing changed my mind. I was so damn high. Everything blurred. I was dying to wait for the response from Guru. Every passing second seemed to be a burden. I would have refreshed my inbox a zillion times. Only when you start waiting for a response message there will be hell lot of forwards right from the customer care to some stranger on earth leaving you a good evening message. Man that was killing.

Right exactly after three minutes thirteen seconds, I received a text: Café coffee day @ 5 pm, I responded with an Okay text. I was blankly thinking; make out at café day, Yuck:( Disaster. Anyways, the next hour was totally my grooming session. Even if it’s the whole wardrobe packed with clothes, I found so difficult to pick one. Oops wait: it’s a bit filmy na, yup it is but that is how it was. Then I just gave it a serious thought. I have been in date with him for than hundred times, C’mon give me a break. I just roughly picked a kurti which he told; it didn’t look good on me and wore it on. Who cares: I love it, does it really matter more than that. Might be it sounds demanding, but being yourself is much more important. And added to it we are in love: Love tends to be a bigger word, okay something is going on.

I just headed towards café day, while I saw my man. My pulse rate and heart went dizzy. I was able to hear my own beats. Was it nervousness or anxiety, an ecstatic moment. Just a wide smile, he adjusted his hair and pulled a chair for me. I did not know how to react. I tried to smile a little nope I think I showed my teeth a little too much, I just dropped my head down totally I assured in my head that I was giving  series of stupid reactions which I should stop really. And that was a surprise of my selves to me, I was feeling shy and was blushing, I never had a clue that it existed. Shyness before Guru, I didn’t know how my stars would have held my destiny in such a twisted way.

Although could not deny the fact, the feel of completeness he gave me just by his mere presence. He broke the ice initiating straight away, ‘After café day we will find a much cosier place and gave a laugh’. I just replied,’ I did not get you’ and hit him. The rest was history. We had such amazing conversations for the next hour. Time just flew by. Flavourful coffee, the person you love and spiced up conversations. What more can you ask for!!!! But I just asked the clock to move slowly, such quality time.

There was one unique thing happening. We owed a lot of business to café  coffee day starting from espressos, Choc hola, cheesy chilli toasts, and fruity bliss to doughnuts rather than sipping two cappuccinos and being love-struck by getting mesmerized in each other’s eyes for hours as a usual couple. We had one thing in common; we love food as much as we love the company of each other.

It was late. We were trying to wrap up. Just before we headed back to parking. It was pitch dark, he just came close. Our shoulders embraced each other, hand in hand, eyes to eyes and he brushed my hair and smooched me. It was a short kiss but regardless impressive.I was out of the world. He intoxicated more by whispering the three magical words which I was yearning to hear, ‘I love you’. He just walked forward without even hearing my response.

He stopped by his bike, digged his bag and held me a bunch of papers. Wow, I was surprised, ‘Love letter’. He mocked at my face and told me, ‘Errors in Hypothesis testing, Probability assignment’. I know you hate math, I solved it for nearly three hours to show how much I love you. I could not stop giving weird looks holding the papers. And added to it, I could not believe ‘why this guy was so fascinating with his crazy stuffs?. Although, I loved it , naah the assignments. I just hated math and was relieved. An ‘I love you’ with a Probability assignment. Oops!!!

He hugged again and again. I loved it but I was forced to move him away being cautious of the surroundings. He was totally obsessed. ‘A lot can happen over a coffee’ naah, ‘A lot can happen over a café day’s vehicle park’ sounded much more apt. Finally we just pulled away after being so magnetized to each other. We waved bye to each other.

Guru : You look awful as always that too in this dress but I don’t have an option either rather than to love you

Nandita : Excuse me, What???

Guru : I know you heard me, between my microprocessors assignment is on you. Show me how much you love me

Nandita: I never proposed you , still

Guru : As if I don’t know.

It was a lovely evening. From day one, we were the give and take couple. We shared our dreams, food, likes, dislikes , what not everything under the sky.

It feels so nice when you date your best friend. Completely in love, desperately in lust 🙂